Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Heart Bleeds For My Country

Targeted Again

after a few smooth n serene days there is again an atmosphere here which deeply wounded our souls inside.
Islamabad ... blowed up again ... sorrows ... tears ... innocent people ... our people ... frustation ... depression ... our wrong impression!
who is killing who? no clue... no answer!

The Shameless Americans Attacks

All those innocent people who r in our northern areas facing the Shameless Americans Attacks in the name of so called war on terror. those poor people lifting their loved ones dead bodies daily just because they live near afghan border & can b killed anytime whenever US troops declare them militants; those little kids, helpless women & unarmed men r the victims who even don't know the location of US on the globe.

Our Sovereignty

Our Government alliance with US policies is setting ablaze our own homeland. If we r the biggest alliance to US than y we r the victims? y we r blamed for every other mishap in the world? being an ally our borders must b respected, r sovereignty must b valued & our dignity must b acknowledged just like US or any other ally nation. our Policy Makers hurtle us in this chasm & now we r left alone to suffer the war which is not our own & imposed on us. this alliance risked our own sovereignty.

my heart bleeds for my country where everyday i see people turning into figures. my heart bleeds for my country who's nation tough luck seems to have no halt. my heart bleeds for my homeland who's fate is decided by others, my heart bleeds for my people who r living on the edge & my heart bleeds for myself as i am also @ proximity.

I can only pray for all these people who laid there lives n their families who lost their loved ones.
May Allah keep all of us safe & sound & may we get rid of this situation as soon as possible.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

See ya Soon

dear readers i know its not so cool that i've juz started my blog journey & uptil now come up with only one post i.e; actualy an intro.
actualy i'm quite busy these days due to the busy schedule of the Holy Month. i hav my three posts still incomplete n saved as drafts bt no tym to give them a final touch for being publish.
InshaAllah soon i'l b here wid my part of life .

uptill then Ramadan Mubarak to all of u . May Allah forgive us & shower His blessings upon us in this Holy month.

Au Revoir