Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Say CHEESE no no no, Say CHAAA .... :D part 1

Here are some really cute + funny videos which i like alot and want to share.

When I heard it first time, almost one year ago on my friend's cell phone, i just want that little kiddoo who sung it, infront of me immediately so that i can kiss her darling cheeks. It is sooo cute, simply irresistible to love.
The original 1994 video of "The Cuppycake Song" (words and music by Judianna Castle) being recorded by the original artist (our daughter, Amy at age 3) in our home studio. www.cuppycake.com

The second video is Bugging You.
A very cute bug guitarist to bug you he he

(well, it sings better than me :P)

And last but not least, The Punjagi Totay.

For those who are not aware of it:
They are comics pieces, actually parodies of famous celebs, films, events or tv shows in Punjabi, aired on Aag tv.

For those who can't understand or speak Punjabi:
Lo Daso, Aey Vi Phalla Koe Gal Hoe Karan Aali, Punjabi Tey Wadi Mitthi, Siddhi Tey Sohni Zuban Aey, Tey Aedey Which Gal Karan Da Sawad Hi Wakhra Aey :P

P.S: plz don't ask me to translate it in english otherwise MERI APNI ENGLISH WIGAR JAYEGI :D

The best picks are.

For Cricket Fans.

Chachu Bush.

Ummm ;)

Enjoy Laughing!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Melodious Mausam

Wow... what a lovely weather today. Its raining continuously since last night.
I really love such kind of rain, smooth and silky, not too much noisy not too much silent, nor heavy neither light, just pouring with a serene melody which make me sing with its beauty.

I'm sitting beside my window, though its a little bit chill in the air but its so lovely to feel the cool breeze as it is the part of the beautiful weather package. Chirping birds, moving here and there, around the tree in front of my window. No mess of water on street only a wet land and a grey color sky. Its all so pleasant to watch and feel.

Oh, here comes the delicious treat, Daddy just brought yummy garma garam Samosas + I've a mug of coffee in my one hand which gives a mouth watering aspect to my favourite weather and my post too :p
Yuuhooo, I'm done with one samosa and my coffee so now i can type more faster than before as those hot deals were distracting me so i thought its better to take a snacky break first :)

Ok, yep so i was talking about the beauty of nature which always attract me a lot and whenever I'm in full mood to enjoy it, i just wish to save each and every moment of it in my memory.
Rainbows are the rarest scene to have in Karachi but i remember i saw once, a very light toned rainbow a few years back. i don't remember the exact date but do remember how surprising it was because that was my first experience with the colored band of sky and it was almost invisible also.
Light is fading now, I'm still beside my window, watching, inhaling, listening, feeling and trying to type my thoughts in the best of words i can find for them.

I want to share here a video which can define the thought and music inside me.
Its Kiss the Rain, Piano melody with a slideshow of real nice rain shots. I found it on YouTube months ago and posted it on my facebook account for my friends. now i'm sharing it here again.
Hope you will like it too.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

TaggeD !

Wow... i like tag game, and here i got my first one.
Thanks Daanish
ok so here I go...

The Rules:

SCATTERGORIES : (de ja vu)

With my Real Name:-
1. What is your name: Abeer
2. A 4 Letter WORD: Auto
3. A Boys Name: Aamir
4. A Girls Name: Ayesha
5. An Occupation: Airforce
6. A Color: Aqua Blue
7. Something You Wear: Anklet
8. A Beverage: Apple Juice
9. A Food: Apple Pie
10. Something found in the bathroom: Air Freshener
11. A Place: Alaska
12: A Reason for being late: Alarm Clock failed to wake me up :P
13: Something you shout: Awww... its Awful ;)

With my Profile Name:-
1. What is your name: Calm Cool
2. A 4 Letter word: Care
3. A Boys Name: Charlie
4. A Girls Name: Cinderella
5. An Occupation: Carpenter
6. A Color: Chocolate Brown
7. Something you wear: Cosmetics
8. A Beverage: Coffee
9. A Food: Chips
10. Something found in the bathroom: Comb
11. A place: Canteen
12. A Reason for being late: Climatic Condition :P
13. Something you shout: Can't you stop!

Ok, now i've to tag 10 people, let me find...

Seher Dot Com
Abdul Sami
Zeeshan Sattar

Phew... these are the names of those who commented on my blog or follow it + i just collected them to complete the number 10.
However, i'll glad to see if anyone do this tag so its worth it, except those who were already tagged.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eid Tale

After three busy + fun filled eid days i opened my eyes today, when i heard my mother calling me to wake up as i'd taken enough rest and slept alot bcz its about after noon and Jumma prayers were round the corner. So, quickly pushing my blanket, finding my glasses and yawning i was out of my bed to start my day. Life is going back to the same boring routine but this time i have some memorable moments to share.
Well, i admit that i take very long gaps for blogging mostly due to my one and only basic reason "Laziness". I'm lazy, very lazy, hmmm actually i'm just 10 times more than Very Lazy but this time i managed to create some more reasons apart from my signature one :p

During end of November i was studying hard as i'd my aptitude test and after that i was reading books online and they were really gr8, one after another didn't left me enough time + mood to create any post and then Eid arrived, so see i've good excuses. :D

I had a fabulous and memorable eid.
Fabulous in the sense that i enjoyed it alot with my family, friends and my cute cute little cousins. Almost my every eid is colorful due to them.
Kids tells us the true meaning of happiness on our traditional days and provide us a chance to enjoy the occasions with smiling faces. Actually, including me we are only 6 cousins with the same age group in our family, and the rest is the Bacha Party aging from 10 yr to 1 month old a total of 19... phew, and we call it 'Hajoom' :p
We get together @ our Grandma's every eid night and this hajoom keep us busy with their colors. The bacha party is always so enthusiastic, showing their cute dresses, bangels, mehndi, clips and ponies, sunglasses and wrist watches, purses and bags, eidi collection or telling the stories of bakras and cows, they have a world of rainbows. Its a kind of Hungama we have, making fun of their acts, playing, controlling and talking with them keep us busy all night.
Literally, i was in a very bad sad mood before the dawn of eid, but then i forgot all my tensions and those little smiles sparkle my mood with stars.

Now, the memorable part:
On 3rd day of eid, i first time witnessed Camel Slaughter. I always wanted to experience it Live but never got the chance. Yesterday when we visited our aunt's home, i saw two camels in their lane which were going to slaughter around noon and me and my sis's excitement was meeting the sky. We anxiously waited for the moment and than finally it arrived. We stand behind the main gate to watch but due to increasing crowd it become impossible to see, so we stepped out of the house, searched a proper place to stand, crossed the lane, jump on to a high slab, in front of one of the house and stand their to experience our dearest wish from a height.
Butchers prepared the animal for the Holy custom by fasten its mouth and one leg with rope and stand it towards the direction of Kaaba and hit its throat with a hunting knife (or u can call it Khanjar) while reciting the Qurbani Dua and Allah-Ho-Akbar, this procedure is called ' Nehar karna', and than camel sat down itself slowly due to the blood loss and when their is no sign of life left in it, its ready to cut. Camel's slaughter is different due to this procedure because it is a big animal to handle and that's why it is stab into the throat and then cut down. And a very few people choose camel for Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan as its not so affordable + people rarely eat its meat here.

All in all, this eid left me with good memory to share :)
Oh, and by the way A very Happy EID Mubarak to all of my readers and thanks for your visits and wishes.