Thursday, November 20, 2008

Climatic Karachi.

While its chilling all over the country, Karachiites still can't decide whether to switch off fans or not!

Temperature in Karachi varies alot, not within a month or a week but within a day.
and most of the times situation becomes quite funny. Its more effective during So-Called winters in Khi rather than in summer because in summer like every other city it is hot here too but in winters its not so cold.

Funny in the sense that if you wake up in the morning & find its chilling than you have to Decide first whether to wear cardigan or sweater while going to work or not and if you do than its your luck that till 5 o clock or even till noon the weather remains the same.
Otherwise you have to carry your Extra clothing with you the whole day.

I remember, last year in late November, it was quite hot here, i mean not like summer but not like winter also :p, and suddenly near noon it started raining and when it stopped, we were shivering due to cold breeze and our thin lawn clothing. we rushed towards our home quickly but sadly my friend caught fever because it was freezing and we had nothing to protect us.
That night Karachiites finally unwrapped their blankets to welcome the season and started their next day wearing warm garments but the climate here loves to play hide n seek with a twist, so it becomes hot and perspiring only after a couple of hours that we had to through our cardigans aside and started cursing the moment when we thought its winter here :$

This all happens mainly due to the humidity factor in our air. But it is helpful also. like in summers, when its too much hot all over the country even after sunset with alot of hubs, my city is so sweet with sweat but not with killing temperature. only three to five days during the whole season are with their extreme, no air, hubs or with hot air and hot nights otherwise the temperature is quite pleasant with light breeze during the day and after sunset too.
so all in all due to humidity and friendly sea, summers are not killing ones here and worth enjoying.

on the other hand when its comes to winter, almost all season we remain confuse. If their are five divisions of a day (Prayer Times Division) than the climate here will change its face five times a day. and sometimes it irritates alot.

Like this month, unexpectedly air becomes cool here before time, in early November and due to which citizens here including me are suffering from flu, nausea, cough, fever and headache from the very first day. and like always its still hide and seek here which effects alot. True winter time here is late December and before it there's always a intermediate situation.

Before going to work everyday, people here, standing in front of their wardrobes don't decide what style or colour they r going to wear, instead they look outside the window + at wall clock again and again and than decide what Type of clothing they dare to wear :p :D

Hmmm i think this weather update must halt here because I'm feeling my shawl very suffocating now and while i switch on my fan and enjoy the up down temperature, you collect your words and leave me a cooooool comment :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tumhara aur Mera Naam

a very beautiful song, sung by Junaid Jamshed.

its what i feel right now & wants to say.
its a request and a desire
a longing and a need
and a wish for a hope!

Goonjta Sanata !

bazahir khamosh hon main lekin
ek sanata sa chaya hy mere wajood per
sanata be-zaban nahi hota

uski ek awaz hoti hay

jo har chalti sans k sath sunae deti hay

jo gonjta hay ness ness mei

woh bolta hay yaad ki manind

woh batein karta hay dost ki manind

woh cheekhta hay aahh ki manind

woh rolata hay ek saza ki manind

yeh sanata jo gonjta hay

gonj jo thamti nahi hay

na honton se nikalti hay

aur aankhon se barasti nahi hay

yeh gonj lafz ba lafz duhrati woh dastan hay

jis mei khoya mera yeh jahan hay

es sanate se main ab chutkara chahti hon

es gonj ki awaz ko dabana chahti hon
es dastan k nakoosh tak mitana chahti hon
us khamosh ahsas ko bhulana chahti hon

khud ko ek bar phir se main pana chati hon
es goonjte sanate ko dafnana chahti hon ...!