Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jhapatna Palatna, Palat kar Jhapatna...!

Jhapatna palatna, palat kar jhapatna
Laho garam rakhne ka bahana hai yeh

its a stanza, poet Iqbal. hmmm i don't remember its 2nd line properly, hope i typed it rite... anyways, this stanza is commonly used for PAF & its fighters and based upon the natural habit of eagles, falcons and hawks of how they hunt and fly.
we see fighter planes in movies showing this behaviour of hawks during war scenes and Iqbal's that stanza perfectly describe it. but have u ever seen eagles or hawks flying, fighting or hunting in that way.
i saw it all yesterday and it was so lovely.
Last eve, before Maghrib prayers, i was sitting at my home's roof top. the house located at right front of us have mobile tower (signals tower or boaster) at their roof top. and at the top most of that tower there is a nest of an eagle, which is made only a few days ago. as it was about to sun set, the both parent eagles were present there. i noticed them when they suddenly start making strange noises. actually unexpectedly a kite drop nearby their nest and hanged in one of the step of that iron made tower. for eagles it was obviously a strange object trying to destroy their nest so both the parents start making noise and calling their friends for help. meanwhile due to the blowing wind, kite begins to move here and their and was achieving a little bit flight also due to its string, so the situation becomes more complicated. all of a sudden other fellow eagles were also gathered there, were flying like fighter jets above the tower but none of them came near the kite or try to destroy it except the parent eagles. in comparison one of the parent eagle, i guess it was mother (mothers r more sensitive for kids :p) making more noise and trying to kill her enemy again and again and here the scene begins...

To Snap, Repel, Attack, to Overturn and Again make a Sudden Attack...

both eagles were also frightened due the movements of kite but also defending themselves and trying to hit it through their wings. it was a full action scene, very energetic, very graceful and very glorious.
they cry, fly, make an angle, stretch their wings and attack. and every time due to the wind kite changes it position... atlast after a struggle of approx ten minutes they finally made it and tore the kite into pieces and protect their home bravely.

while watching this scenario i became so excited and my lips uttered Iqbal's that stanza spontaneously and i experienced the actual meaning and soul of it beautifully.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scattered Thoughts

my mind is wandering here & there,
i want to focus, but at what, i'm unaware.

bewilderment causing me alot of trouble,
i'm flowing through time like a bubble.

i want to express the inner side of me,
the moments of sorrow & those of glee.

tales to tell, stories to share,
waiting for words, feelings to wear.

untuned melodies, echoing sounds
needs a theme for a spiritual bound.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I Miss The Feel I Felt...!

I miss the feel of freshness. The feel of divine serenity, calmness & purity.
I feel this beauty evry year ... bt i still miss it. as i've 2 w8 for a whole yr to get that sense again...
I felt it from the vry 1st day till the vry last moment... it stays with me the whole month...
it remains in me like a soothing hand, heeling evry wound, taking care of evry emotion & thought, pushing me up, making me determined & punctual, checking my evry act & peace out my self so nicely that i really don't want to let that spirit go...
It felt Socially
It felt Physically
It felt Mentally
It felt Spiritually
It felt Deeply.....

Well, the "Feel" i'm talking about is the feeling of Devotion. It connected me with my Creator.
it urges me to think, concentrate, observe, believe & to worship.

* I prayed
* I thanked
* I sorry
* I regretted
* I cried
* I requested
* I wished
* I asked
I did it all with a pure heart. with a sure belief that my callings were listened & will b consider...

I spend my days in such a sacred atmosphere that i miss its fragrance deep inside...
I loved that tough buzy schedule...
* Those early morning wakeups
* Being punctual for evry prayer
* Taking care of evry little uttered word & act
* Attending Tafseer -e- Quran classes for the vry first time
* Getting amazed by the Miracles of Quran & its teachings
* Remain enchanted in its charm the whole long days
* Try to being as honest as i can

Ohh... i really miss that freshness
Ohh... i really miss that purity & calmness
Ohh... i realy miss that serene atmosphere
Ohh... i really miss that sweet breeze
Ohh... i'm truly missing that flavor of my beloved Ramazan!