Friday, February 6, 2009


I think you are very careless!

U come and leave things behind!

See now what you have left?

U just came in my mind

And left a smile on my face !

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Solution is Asked

Why we protest even for a justified issue but with violent and aggressive means?
Why our people show there anger by hurting others, by damaging our assets, by taking innocent lives, by creating hazardous and scary atmosphere?

How can we stop this type of people who are responsible for all such illegal and evil acts? who are spreading an armed ; violent culture every where?

We all have the power to say "No" to violence so how can we utilize it in effective means from the early grounds on individual basis so that it may make a difference........?

How can we get rid of this developing culture?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Change We Need

I still remember the day when our nation was in the state of transition (as we assumed), 18 February 2008, when after a long time people here voted for a change they desperately needed. The first time i was legally eligible to vote, but i did not vote. I wanted to go, but no one in my family went to vote and allowed me because they said it is of no use as we all knew the polling station nearby our area is guarded by some party workers who force people to vote for them but my one uncle did vote in the favour of change in his area.

Anyways, our nation showed a huge turn out against the existing policies and so called system. No doubt everybody delightfully surprised including beyond border countries who acknowledged our democratic skills and saw something more than their ideology of Pakistanis and Muslims. I regretted myself at that time that why i did not vote and be a part of it. Like everybody i also became hopeful that now the air around me will feel the change, the sunrise and the sunset of everyday will be more hopeful. Nothing overcomes the bulk of problems overnight but a slow step by step movement will be the cure of every disease cultivated in our society. Someday droplets of water will be a sea...
Someday, Oneday!

But instead of a progressive movement everything starts moving towards the downfall. The halt to alot of issues which was arose after the elections slowly drifted away and anarchy took its place again.
We voted for a change, for a hope, it was more important and significant than the turnout against Bush in US. Because our vote was against our pathetic system, those killing policies which were degrading us day by day. American people brought a change in the racism history of the world, which is originally the basic teachings of our religion but we tried not only to brought a change in the political history of our nation but showed the world our peaceful drive to turn all the odds into evens which were framed against us.
We lacked a leadership and we wanted it democratically. It was a big step from us towards the change. It was formed but only for a few days and then all went in vain.

I just can't understand what is going on here? Is there any clue?
I just can't see even a glimpse of any kind of proper governess here!

Power Grabbing is the motto of our elected government since the very first day. Their statements changes every other moment. Promises are nothing so why keep them.
Distributing our most honourable medals like sweets to the people who brought us to the gate way of demolition. Shaking hands and clicking photographs with all teeth out poses. Only Command and Command motive is everywhere, no Control anywhere. Largest cabinet in the history of our country is formed, still missing some most important ministries, which are missing because they are still in the process of decision making that which and who party and person will take it. Like always the faces are changed and the system and policies remained the same.
The hope we voted for dying slowly and the scenario is more worst than before.

"Panchon ungliyan ghee mei aur ser karhae mei"
is the present condition of our so called government.

Today, i have no regrets that why i didnot vote. Thank GOD for my timely decision. Because i never wanted to be a part of such a mess.

I read somewhere in the news paper column that formation of our country is a true miracle of Allah and how it is moving and still standing in the storm of issues is again a miracle.
After all HE is with us but that is not the only thing required for any betterment. Like in Urdu we say:
"Dua se pehle Dawa bhi zarori hy".
( Cure is needed before Prayer)

That cure was shown by us but sadly things are getting worst and worst. Power is the biggest examination on earth on man and in this exam our rulers may win in their personal goals but originally fail even to understand the meaning of it. They know only how to use it and don't know that it is the name of a thing which is felt by hearts and shown in the air and eyes of the society and the world. It is the Control, Not the Command!

Please Listen
We need a change
not in faces,
but in Paces!