Saturday, August 28, 2010


A three letter word
and i hate it..............................Bye

Its just like the word Sorry which really has no remedy.

English language, why you have such words in u which looks like very normal, small, easy to speak but in original they sucks! ???
They can't heal, can't reduce the suffering, can't bring back the time which is lost. The words which don't know how much pain they cause. The words simple in formation but a torture in effects.

B-Y-E..... you should be a crime to say, "by law". You deserve it!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Title ! :S

So far in the journey of university life, one thing is for sure. That is:
Whenever you are intensely supposed to work on an assignment, filing a project report or trying to decipher words and phrases in your mind for "finance", "economics", "global business" and "all-the-studious-subjects-on-earth", your mind will triggered you only:

  • The coolest face book status
  • The teasing comments
  • Every kind of blog topics and their catching contents
  • Creative ideas
  • Things you wanted to post
  • Posts pending in your drafts
  • Scenes you should write for
  • Issue your friend pointed out
  • Theme you always tried to imagined
  • Subject you really wanna discuss
  • Designing the upcoming dress
  • Color and its combination you should wear
  • Fast food you can cook to satisfy your taste bud
  • What my wardrobe must have and what should i discard
  • Stuff i gonna shop from this month's pocket money
  • and what not..... ?
Like your mind will tell you everything for every OTHER thing but not for the thing you are trying to think ! sigh!

Its yelling:
dear user,
words, phrases, sentences, thoughts are available, they are in here. but alas buddy not for the assignment you are trying to work for. tch tch tch

And i am the current victim of this syndrome.
Miss Calm Cool :(

see how much this will effect me as instead of writing and think over financial activities scenario i am finally obeying my mind and typing a complain post :p

P.S: time-check: 3 hrs past, in front of screen...
and i am still trying to start The Project :D