Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally Blogging

To Blog or Not?

this query is in my mind since Jan 1.

blogging seems to b crazy for me when i was first encountered with it. i wonder y people blog online & tell everybody around the globe about their life, thoughts, likes, dislikes & even secrets. y don't they just buy a diary & write in it whatever they want! but then i realized that there are somethings in life that u can't keep to urself only. they hav to b jotted down anyway.
so, then i find blogging a big fun. i read only a few blogs(my Fav ones), all of them are of those people whom i don't know personaly but i love to read them. they r thoughtful, they r funny, they r interesting & they tell me abt the other side of the world.

For me, i wanted to write, i wanted to penned down all my thoughts whatevr came in my mind, but i was unable to give my thoughts their words. i was planning to hav a blog since the start of this yr bt don't know what to write, from where to start & how to narrate my feelings. alot of times i typed my post but deleted it and my wish to write & hav my own personel blog was still there!

Finally, a few days ago while i was reading Life A La Shahnaz, i got a clue that y not i start writing about my childhood & then gradually proceed towards my now-a-days world of thoughts.

So, dear folks i'm here now with me, myself & I.
If u gonna ask me now TO Blog Or NOT?
"TO BLOG" will b my straight answer :)


digital said...

awl da bst for ur blogging journey! :)

Calm Cool said...


Mubi said...

hope you enjoy it as much as we are :D
so whats ur next post going to be about?

Calm Cool said...

i'm not sure , my three posts r still underconstruction :) , incopmlete & saved as a draft!

actualy i'm not getting enough tym to complete my posts due to the busy schedule of ramadan.

InshaAllah i'll continue as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

keep blogging. u writing style simply rocks!

Zulfiqar Gul

Calm Cool said...


hfm said...

I felt like this too.
But now I've started blogging, I realy enjoy it!
I hope you do too.

Calm Cool said...

yup i do :)
bt it takes time for me to write.
i can't do it without a mood.

Anonymous said...

Its has been almost 5 yrs from now since you had begun to plan blogging, MashaAllah going very well.

Anon wishes you the very moment.