Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Solution is Asked

Why we protest even for a justified issue but with violent and aggressive means?
Why our people show there anger by hurting others, by damaging our assets, by taking innocent lives, by creating hazardous and scary atmosphere?

How can we stop this type of people who are responsible for all such illegal and evil acts? who are spreading an armed ; violent culture every where?

We all have the power to say "No" to violence so how can we utilize it in effective means from the early grounds on individual basis so that it may make a difference........?

How can we get rid of this developing culture?


Daanish said...

"initiate one positive action in your life today"....thats the way,one person at a time !!

Mannan said...

Spread the word! its much much easier these days!
And i think the main reason is ignorance! people seldom realise that whatever they are looting will be taken out of there pocket some day!