Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Title ! :S

So far in the journey of university life, one thing is for sure. That is:
Whenever you are intensely supposed to work on an assignment, filing a project report or trying to decipher words and phrases in your mind for "finance", "economics", "global business" and "all-the-studious-subjects-on-earth", your mind will triggered you only:

  • The coolest face book status
  • The teasing comments
  • Every kind of blog topics and their catching contents
  • Creative ideas
  • Things you wanted to post
  • Posts pending in your drafts
  • Scenes you should write for
  • Issue your friend pointed out
  • Theme you always tried to imagined
  • Subject you really wanna discuss
  • Designing the upcoming dress
  • Color and its combination you should wear
  • Fast food you can cook to satisfy your taste bud
  • What my wardrobe must have and what should i discard
  • Stuff i gonna shop from this month's pocket money
  • and what not..... ?
Like your mind will tell you everything for every OTHER thing but not for the thing you are trying to think ! sigh!

Its yelling:
dear user,
words, phrases, sentences, thoughts are available, they are in here. but alas buddy not for the assignment you are trying to work for. tch tch tch

And i am the current victim of this syndrome.
Miss Calm Cool :(

see how much this will effect me as instead of writing and think over financial activities scenario i am finally obeying my mind and typing a complain post :p

P.S: time-check: 3 hrs past, in front of screen...
and i am still trying to start The Project :D


Mubi said...

hehehehe as long as we are can we not get distracted ! :p

Daanish said...

funny :)

Jazib Saeed Bhatti said...

Lolz and this syndrome hails at its fullest during exams :D