Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tutti Fruity Cup

Driving through the busy traffic at night, she was looking for a good place for dinner - falling in route.
Suddenly, her gaze caught the newly open dessert renowned outlet.
"Oh Wow! I wasn't expecting they are open in this vicinity as well. Lets have it at the way back."

After the dinner, she entered the famous frozen yoghurt outlet with a lot full of enthusiasm. To taste it the very first time. And to have it all topped up as much she desired.

Following the instructions, she went on to pick the cups.
"Okay, lets have a small cup as i just had dinner".

To the wending machines, she one by one saw each flavour people pouring into their cups.
"Hmm, why not take all appealing flavours in lil bit quantities, to taste ALL. Weehee."  :P

The first two flavours poured almost as little as she wanted, but the last two poured much taller due to the first experience with wending machines.
"Ooops" :/

To the toppings, she tried best to put it in the cup on top of yoghurt bad sadly pineapples fell down and a staff came to her.
"Ma'am, can i help you?"
"Hmm, No. Hmm, yes. I am unable to decorate it properly, can you do it for me?"
"Ma'am, you left no space for toppings. I can only pour it into a bigger cup."
"Okay, Please."

He took the bigger cup & inserted the smaller one in it.
"Why don't you pour smaller one upside down in it."
"Ma'am, you won't like topping on it after that, the yoghurt will be de shaped, if i do so."

So, she finally decorated her cup with all the ingredients she wanted but not in much appealing manner due to two cups, paid the bill and came outside.

As she took the first spoon of her long time desired-mouthwatering indulgence, she glanced at the cup in her hands.
It was; "Filled-Over-Capacity."
She froze there!

She kept looking on it. Dropping her spoon. And looked it for ages...
A small cup in a big cup.
Four flavours.
All kind of toppings.
On Side-Fruit Slices.

She was watching it & she was Thinking it.
Picture. Her Life.

May be, i gave too much unneeded. too much unasked. too much before expected. too much without receiving anything in return. In the same manner!
May be, i filled the cup too much extra that it over burdened the real value. That, it all went in vain because it was too much to handle at a time. That, may be this lot of feelings were not meant to be shown."

Her carving for the dessert died.
And it taste went sour in her mouth.
Her heart died!

She put the cup aside & drove back to home.
And the cup went in waste, in the same manner!


Anonymous said...

May be but not sure !
Never regret of the past and look at the future is what the principle of a "Momin", Right ??

Calm Cool said...

Thankyou anon for dropping by.

For your question: write-ups are the way of expressing thoughts, observations & creativity.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Calm.

At this point I am in agreement with you, but the personal experiences shouldn't be used to undermine one own self.

A renowned pashto word "Fikar Makawa"- ponder!