Friday, December 19, 2008

Melodious Mausam

Wow... what a lovely weather today. Its raining continuously since last night.
I really love such kind of rain, smooth and silky, not too much noisy not too much silent, nor heavy neither light, just pouring with a serene melody which make me sing with its beauty.

I'm sitting beside my window, though its a little bit chill in the air but its so lovely to feel the cool breeze as it is the part of the beautiful weather package. Chirping birds, moving here and there, around the tree in front of my window. No mess of water on street only a wet land and a grey color sky. Its all so pleasant to watch and feel.

Oh, here comes the delicious treat, Daddy just brought yummy garma garam Samosas + I've a mug of coffee in my one hand which gives a mouth watering aspect to my favourite weather and my post too :p
Yuuhooo, I'm done with one samosa and my coffee so now i can type more faster than before as those hot deals were distracting me so i thought its better to take a snacky break first :)

Ok, yep so i was talking about the beauty of nature which always attract me a lot and whenever I'm in full mood to enjoy it, i just wish to save each and every moment of it in my memory.
Rainbows are the rarest scene to have in Karachi but i remember i saw once, a very light toned rainbow a few years back. i don't remember the exact date but do remember how surprising it was because that was my first experience with the colored band of sky and it was almost invisible also.
Light is fading now, I'm still beside my window, watching, inhaling, listening, feeling and trying to type my thoughts in the best of words i can find for them.

I want to share here a video which can define the thought and music inside me.
Its Kiss the Rain, Piano melody with a slideshow of real nice rain shots. I found it on YouTube months ago and posted it on my facebook account for my friends. now i'm sharing it here again.
Hope you will like it too.


Daanish said...

Thanks for sharring wonderland weather.Enjoy it,treasure it!

Mubi said...

it was raining here in lhr too!! it was lovely mashALlah. acha waisay i like summer rains more than winters coz for one, i like the noisy rains with thunder and lightning :p

aw, this melody kiss the rain is soo soothing.

yum yum the samosas and the coffee ehehe

i bet the rainbow was exactly the kind i saw and took pics of when i saw one in lhr. a rare sight indeed and it was very pale and light...pollution!!

Calm Cool said...

@ mubi
yeah rainbow was exactly the kind u posted and when i saw urs rainbow shot it reminded the one which i mentioned :)

summer rains are also cool as they give us a break from heat but i like the winter oneS bcz they are the only way to bring Winter here and i love chill breeze :P

M. Umer Toor said...

Enjoyed your writing. i like your style and good ability to write, though i felt as if the paras were not meticulously structured, grammatically. yet it conveyed the words and what lied in it.

humble regards!
umer toor.