Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Say CHEESE no no no, Say CHAAA .... :D part 1

Here are some really cute + funny videos which i like alot and want to share.

When I heard it first time, almost one year ago on my friend's cell phone, i just want that little kiddoo who sung it, infront of me immediately so that i can kiss her darling cheeks. It is sooo cute, simply irresistible to love.
The original 1994 video of "The Cuppycake Song" (words and music by Judianna Castle) being recorded by the original artist (our daughter, Amy at age 3) in our home studio. www.cuppycake.com

The second video is Bugging You.
A very cute bug guitarist to bug you he he

(well, it sings better than me :P)

And last but not least, The Punjagi Totay.

For those who are not aware of it:
They are comics pieces, actually parodies of famous celebs, films, events or tv shows in Punjabi, aired on Aag tv.

For those who can't understand or speak Punjabi:
Lo Daso, Aey Vi Phalla Koe Gal Hoe Karan Aali, Punjabi Tey Wadi Mitthi, Siddhi Tey Sohni Zuban Aey, Tey Aedey Which Gal Karan Da Sawad Hi Wakhra Aey :P

P.S: plz don't ask me to translate it in english otherwise MERI APNI ENGLISH WIGAR JAYEGI :D

The best picks are.

For Cricket Fans.

Chachu Bush.

Ummm ;)

Enjoy Laughing!


Anonymous said...

i have a stomach ache now!

Calm Cool said...

ohh thats pretty cool :p
but you should tell me which video is most dangerous to health ;)

Daanish said...

All of those,esp. punjabi ones and the buggin...!

I have stomach cramps too!
My advise don't watch them with full stomach,while driving or while tooth brushing!

You should put WARNINGS too:)

Calm Cool said...

Lol :D
Ur ones are good enough.
finally i got a much detailed comment, punjagi totaas always left us with stomach cramps, u can find more on You Tube, Chachu Bush and dubbed movie Yaraana ones are gr8, check them out also after recovering from present stomach ache :P

by the way from the punjagi tota i mentioned, 3rd one is my top most favourite, its hilarious :)

Daanish said...

Its funny,I watched the number 3 and 2 again and again:)

again cramps,cramps and now my tummy hurts!
Do you think I may end up having an overdose of laughter:)

I have not yet watched other Chachu videos,I am still recovering from this overdose!

M. Umer Toor said...

sweet, little girl was so adorable..
and, chachu is always superb!!
thanks for sharing.

humble regards!