Sunday, October 10, 2010

River flows in you...

Slamming her car door she hurriedly open umbrella, escaping the heavy rain and rush towards the door of her apartment.
"He must be watching my way", she thought.
It was a busy day for her and she was feeling quite bitter at the moment due to the work stress and home concerns.
Getting in she closed the door behind her and stopped when her hand felt a paper on the door lock, removing that small chit, she switch on the light of the hall way.
it reads:
"Good Evening, sweetheart. Do, as directed my dear. Go to the sitting room and do not switch on any light except the room. Follow each sticker you find in your way. Love!"
Stunned, she read the note twice and looking towards the hall way, she found her home in dark. Hesitantly, she removed her coat and place it on the chair near her, put her bag on it and rest her dripping umbrella to the wall.
Walking to the sitting room door she read the note again, then went inside. In light she found another note on the switch board. Reading:
" Dress up the way you are and then come to the lounge. Take your time".
She grinned. " Whats going on".
Then she turn around and her mouth fell open.
Their was a black evening dress lying on the sofa, with stiletto shows near it and all the accessories she would need to have the look. But my my, the outfit in-front of her could be the last thing she ever choose to wear in her wildest dreams. Hastily she rush towards it and thought:
"What the hell he is up to, is he... " , she found a note on dress with a white blooming tulip. "Think only YES, there is no NO option, i am waiting :) ".
She sank into the sofa. Closing her eyes and sat there, rested for a while.
" Wait a minute, whats the date today..... ummm nah, its nor my birthday, neither his. Not our anniversary, no occasion i can think for... then for what he is up to". Confused, she stay there.
"You are always unpredictable". She figured.
Looking at the watch she stood up. It was 25 past 8, night.
Grabbing the towel she approached the bath adjacent to the sitting-room.
After 10 minutes she was standing to the sofa, looking towards the dress and making her mind to wear it.
"arrghhh...Its, weird". She snarled.
Giving up, a voice came. "Okay!"

Ready now. she touch-up her makeup in the bath mirror. Tying her half hair, leaving half open and some on her forehead. Wearing the bracelet, ring and earrings, she found with the dress and standing on the shoes which are making her taller than Eiffel Tower.
"I know, how fool i am looking in it", she thought in a sad tone. She was not at all positive about herself.
Spraying her favorite scent, she gave herself a final thought and came out of the room. Clock struck 9.
Walking in the hall way she can see now a dim light coming from the lounge near the corner, felt like moving forth and back with light breeze. Her heals ticktock and outside lightning with heavy rain were the two visible noises she can hear.
As she reached the corner, her heart starts stabbing in her. She was about to enter the enlighten area and had no idea of the up coming. Her mind went blank. She stop there and tried to find the courage in her of moving forward. Its the first time ever she was feeling afraid in her own home.
A sudden tension captured her so hard that her heart felt sinking. As she hold the wall at the corner to give her a balance, she noticed another stick on it. Removing it she read it with trembling hands. "Relax, come on in".
After a while, holding her breath she step forward. Standing in the entrance she was surprised by the view her wide opened eyes were watching. It wasn't the room she left this morning. It was something from a fairy tale or a scene from a deep romantic movie or a dream beautifully came upon her. But can never be a reality. "No, its not." She thought.
The lounge was decorated with fresh flowers, lilies, roses, tube roses, jasmine, tulips and gladioli; all the ones she adore. Their aroma was filling her breath. Candles... here, there and everywhere. It was only their light which was brightening this serene atmosphere. The area was so spacious with very less furniture to the side wall and that was her small glass dinning table with only two chairs right now. A long glass vase with a red rose and a recherché candle, were in the middle of the table, with stemware glasses, crockery, some food and drink on it. Lightening with heavy rain can be seen from the wall length sliding windows. The wall at the far end of the room facing her was more fascinating as it was carrying a full length mirror in which she can see her silhouette from a distance.
Inhaling everything around her she walk to the mirror. A pleasant smile came on her face from inside and all her bitter sour mood reflections were fading away.
As she saw her reflection, an abrupt uneasiness caught her. The person in-front of her was a total opposite of the one she was used to of seeing since years. The reflection was bold, revealing and catchy in every way, from every angle of her. It obsess her. She was looking so chic just like a perfect addition to her dreamy room.

A low voice came from her back.
"Close your eyes".
She freezed. She can't see anyone at her back from the mirror.
Seconds passed. She moved.
"sshhh, don't move. Close your eyes and stay there".
"Okay", a low whisper she uttered dropping her eyelids.

The air around her filled with a new scent. Idyllic yet teasing. "His smell". She thought!

Something drop around her neck, touching her collar bone. linking at the back.
"Now see". A whisper came just behind her.

Opening her eyes she saw a smiling firm face looking at her. She smiled back. And then noticed the pendant she was wearing now. It was bearing her and his initials in the world's most precious stones. Delicate and exquisite.

"That, that's so precious."
"Hmmm, no its not."

Amazed, she look into his eyes.

"Not, more than you".
He chuckled.
"But, ..."
"Don't speak"

she asked stupidly.
"Hmmm, because... Ahm, i am busy observing you."

All of a sudden, she realized that she is in the outfit exposing her to the fullest.
Timidly, she dropped her eyes down and felt an urge to hide somewhere quickly.
"You know why you are dress up like this?"
"Because we are celebrating something very dear to me. And i wanted it to be a lasting memory forever. That's why we are standing amidst of this lovely dream."
"And what's the occasion?", She asked.
"You!". He replied.
"Me?" She inquired gazing him.
"Yes You!".
"This is the day honey when i first time came across to your name, to your existence in this world. Years back. I happened to know you. You stepped in my thoughts. In my life. And i am thankful to this day which gave me acquaintance to my now better half. My soul mate."
"Thank you so much", that was all she could managed to say to his image with teary eyes.
A smile filled with everlasting magnet with pearls in eyes struck both of them.

Each and every word of him filled an affection in her she was so grateful for. She felt so confident and vibrant that all her timidness went away. "What if i am in an attire unusual for me. I am in it for a person who owns me from my heart. I am in it on his wish. His every gaze is mine. For me. On me. Will always be me." She thought.
Giving her reflection a sure-footed smile, she turned around and looked at her man.

Dressed in black tuxedo, nicely gelled hair, determined face and a charismatic look were enough to make her off-guard.
After a while, she moved forward and gently touched his collar.
He hold her that hand and said.
"You must be tired, come on."
Leading her to the side wall, he stopped to the dinning, left her hand, pull out a chair for her and slightly bowing down, he spoke.
"My honor, please join me."
"I think i am living in a fairy tale and you are my princes who came to me on a white horse."
They both chuckled.
After settling down they sat there quietly for moments, hearing every sound near them, around them and in them. Their silence...

"You want some?", interrupting the silence he inquired like a pebble make waves in the still water.
"Umm, yes.", she replied turning her focus to the subject, realizing for the first time this evening that she was starving to death after a long hectic day.
"How was your day?", she asked.
"Regular, hectic work with the addition of my countless glances to the clock and weighing ticktock in my cabin."

He passed her the appetizing meal, they had for dinner tonight.
Nibbling some she asked. "From where did you ordered it? Its so delicious"
"My Home Kitchen". Replied flatly while eating.
"Some new caterer you found on net?"
He smiled crookedly. "Some good recipes i Google for."
She gave him a puzzled look.
And in front he was calmly smiling at her.
Dropping her fork in the plate she asked with a great surprise.
"You cooked it yourself?"
"How? Why? I mean you never put your feet in the kitchen."
"Hmmm na, actually i do often to tease you."

"You are really unpredictable."
"And i guess that's why you love me."

"Umm no i don't. In your dreams." Hahaha
"Okay, no problem." grinning.
"Its so yummy, doesn't taste like a first attempt."
"Thank you Ma'am."
"I am full of surprises tonight, you made my day."
"Ah! you made my life baby. By the way there's still lots waiting for you tonight."
"Ahan, fingers crossed."

"Are you done?", finishing his food he asked.

He stood up, went to the stereo and played a melodious violin tune on it which filled the air with a amorous rhythm. She was gladly sitting at her place admiring the change.
He came back, poured their drink in the stemware glasses and gestured her to leave her seat and stand by him. She did as directed.
Giving her glass to her, he fixed his eyes in her eyes.
"Cheers", "Cheers for being my part." He said striking their glasses.
"Cheers for being my part." She said.
For a glance they stared at each other and then crossing their hands, drink from each others glasses.

"Shall we dance?". He said placing back the empty glasses on the table.
"Dance?", "We don't even know any hint of it!"
"Doesn't matter."
"Okay then."

Holding her hand he lead her to the center of the lounge. Facing each other, standing in the midst. Lying his one hand on her waist, other holding her hand fingers crossed, he drew her closer. She placed her free hand to his shoulder. On the enchanting tune of violin they start moving.
At first it was reluctant. Then slowly mood was flowing with their every step.
Gazing at her, he was taking small steps, to and fro, moving in a circle along with the melody.
Her feet were chasing his footprints. Caught in the spell she was moving along in the absolute rhythm.
Suddenly he gave her a motion, encircling her with one hand.
"Wowww... !" She exclaimed striking him back.
"How are you feeling?" Dancing, he asked.
"Very good!"

"How Much?"

"Toooo Much"
They grinned.
"Thank you so much for such a tremendous memoir."
"You liked it?"

"I loved it!"

"Okay then no thanks givings."

"Okay sir."

"What's the best you liked?"

"All of it is outstanding. And the specially the devotion to plan all this for me, for us."

He moved her around again and this time grabbed her from back placing his chin on her shoulder.

"I wanna do something." She said
Leaving his hold, she went to the side, takeoff her stilettos and then reached him. Standing barefooted on his shinny shoes and having his hold she whispered.
"Now dance."
With a warm smile he moved having her on him, with the violin.

It was a quite powerful and peaceful moment for them. Holding each other glance, they remain silent and moved along.
Heart was thudding in them, they can hear it clearly.
Placing her head on her heaven, wrapped in his arms.
Having his gem so near to him, captivating his all senses.
Remembering the every dear moments to them, thinking of each other, they were looking like made for each other. They were feeling it in deep!

He caressed her hair. She looked up.
Exchanging their smiles they halt their movements.
He encircled her for one last time and when she was back in his arms, she fell back to her waist. He was chasing her scent with her.
"You completes me."
She heard a whispering breath.
In an earnest ecstasy she breathed in the truth.
He pressed his lips on her neck.



Waqar said...

Its really nice to read that. A dream thought of a every girl. But it is also true that in today's life it is impossible from a Pakistani husband specially. But the way you express yourself, is highly appreciated. A very touchy effort.

Calm Cool said...

ahaahaha :D
thanks for appreciating btw :)

Daanish said...

a cool one !

Anonymous said...


That was too good to be true. :D I hope the opposite gender fellows read it well and actually learn from it.

Overall, a very lovely narration : )


I went through your blog and learned that you are from Karachi. Well... it's nice to know someone from the same city : )

Keep writing.

Calm Cool said...

yeah, i hope so too :P
thanks for stopping by. keep visiting and commenting :)

Anonymous said...

:) Most definitely.

Good luck.

Eddie said...

yes beautiful piece of work. You have a good writing talent I believe just like our syeda abida here :P... Don't give it up.

Hiker said...