Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am Blunt
And being blunt hurts often!


The Only Normal Person Here. said...

Hurts who? You or the others :P

Calm Cool said...

Me & not at all the others :D

Talha said...

Islam enlightened our lives with the principals of God encrypted in Quran-e-Kareem .
Nobody is 'blunt' but awareness and following of those principals in letter and spirit is the only solution and key to success and happiness .
Bluntness is not a mistake but unawareness and not following those principals is a mistake.
Hope you agree with it.

Calm Cool said...

for sure!
thanks for the nice words.

Eddie said...

lol most taurians face have to deal with it. Them being blunt. People I guess dont like to be told the blunt truth. But don't change. Blunt is good.

Your blog is an interesting read. keep it up

Calm Cool said...

thats a taurian irony, they don't change or accept changes easily :P

thanks for visiting :)

Daanish said...

being blunt may or may not be the ultimate quality.

being hurt regardless who,you or others,is not worth to be blunt:)

Talha said...

@ Eddie : How could you say dat being Blunt is Good ???

And is it good to be hard enough ???

Eddie said...

Talha ...Taurian's brand of blunt is good. Usually I get honest opinions from them hence I like that. You can differ :)

Eddie said...

@abeer ... do you not love your blog :P lol it seems that you totally ignore it for long patches of time lol

Calm Cool said...

actually i kinda need a stimulus to write or to make me *think* lol
that's why it contain time patches but as far as love concerned for this blog, i really do! its my only online creative show off :P hahaha

Hiker said...

@ eddie : thats wht you like , may be not the answer of wht i asked !