Sunday, May 1, 2011


Loneliness teaches you how to see
When you feel blind

Loneliness teaches you how to smile
When you forgot this gesture

Loneliness teaches you how to stand
When you are lying on death bed

Loneliness teaches you how to find yourself
When you'd actually lost your soul & being

Loneliness teaches you how to search
little light of hope in deep darkness

Loneliness is the most helpless situation ever.

Its the feeling which breaks you...
Inch by inch..
moment by moment..
step by step..
bit by bit..
torn till the last fragment of life..

Loneliness demands the sacrifice of existence!

And than;

Only at a certain stage of this destruction
Loneliness builds up a courage
silently inside
That tells you to breathe again
It becomes a teacher & gives support.

But the only thing loneliness is unable to teach;
is how to forget the person who made you lonely!


Anonymous said...

keep urself engage in other things, might work.
its possibly your first crush ??

Calm Cool said...

Dear Mr/Ms under the cloak of Anon, your superficial observation over blog posts is quite lame.

Anonymous said...

chill ma'am, its just an observation!
And being anon is also an identity .