Thursday, March 3, 2011

My dear Secret Fan factory !

If you think that this blog has a very few readers & fans or this is not a much popular blog than you are wrong. Far too much wrong!
For; as a matter of good fact this blog or may be you can say it's writer has gained immense popularity within last few months and as a matter of not so good fact this popularity is actually largely composed of our society most popular *Fffrrraannddshheppp* curse rather than the actual writing or blogging impact.

It happened since the day i've published my these three posts:

1. River flows in you...
2. Blunt.
3. But what do we call that?

and my my...... i never knew my these posts will invent a Fan Factory for me.

Cut the long story short... from the whole lot of responses i am too date receiving, only the few were the literary called responses and all the rest are... RUBBISH !

I truly appreciate those few readers who took out their time, trace my email and inbox me their views regarding my blog filled with the sweet & the sour, the good & the weak side, appreciations, pointed flaws in my writings and formal criticism. It includes both genders. Much much thanks !

All the others...
Who fall in different stages of fraindsheppp...
and these stages goes from the mild to the worst level.

1. There were the one's who read those posts or anyone one of them or took an overlook of my blog, liked *me* and mailed me and express me their maximum one line "view" and asked me to be friends. [IGNORE]

2. Then came those who got some more time, searched me on facebook and inbox me + a friend request. [IGNORE]

3. Then those who just got stick to their messages and keep-telling-me-how-great-i-am even after the request ignore; unless and until i had to block them. [IGNORE]

4. Then came some those who exceed the one-line-thing, come up with their great observations regarding me through my oh-so-deeply-romantic-writings and my oh-so-innocent display picture at facebook and hammered on my head their constant messages and friend request from different different names, send me their CVs..... oh yes! Really the kind of CV's which includes all the details from their personal traits to their professional achievements and were alas failed to prove their i-am-your-biggest-fan sentiments + *sincere* concerns. [IGNORE]
Advice to them: Next time don't forget to write your salary package or yearly income, than may be i'll look forward.

5. And in the end, this category of my fans which actually include a total of two individuals made me to write this post and hence cannot be IGNORED.
Those smart brains wrote me that how great i am, how good i look and how eastern i appear but how much i am a sinner. Because i write the stuff which stimulates hidden desires, express western approach, respond to my male readers at comments more & frankly; hence i have NO female readers, unethically wrote about my "personal experience" in the posts River Flows in You & But What DO We Call That, a fake; as i wears a scarf and try to appear religious, and so not a good eastern girl because i am exploiting the limits which are imposed on me according to our society and religion. Hence, i should mend my ways straight as soon as possible because it is a dangerous age which spoil people and throw them away from a peaceful eternity. And i am the current victim of it.

For those dear well wishers and for every other kind i want to say a few words:

Thank you for increasing the number of my blog readers till now and i will be more thankful to you if you may decrease it immediately and save your clicks, time and eye sight!
If you are really not willing to go at the saving plan than you newbies at net or at blogging world must spend your ample time in learning rather than scrutinizing others.
Writings are primarily author's insight and not the personal experiences except the mentioned publications and biographies.
Blogs & social networking sites are not meant to be chase your formula eligible *eastern* girls.
And if you are really so gutsy then while pointing a total stranger and passing your judgments; evaluate the other four fingers FIRST which points you, express directly in blog comments rather than messaging anonymously or through other ways so you can receive your well deserved reply. Good Luck!

P.S: Oh Lord! bless this blog with mature readership and prevent it from this kind of secret fan factory!


Eddie said...

hahah damn ... i tried so hard to find you facebook and send a Frandship request but turned out to be a futile effor :( how unlucky of me :( :( :( *sniff* :P rofl...

Eddie said...

by the way :P haha hilarious post .....

Calm Cool said...

awww my sympathies with you :P

Calm Cool said...

by the way which thing is the super funniest? :D

Eddie said...

sab aik say barh kar aik :D

especially woh jo preachers hotay hain na :P who have the divine right to give verdicts on which of your actions are right and which one's aren't :P

Calm Cool said...

those preachers even threat me on future endeavors k daikhen g, sudhar jayen warna jo jaisa hota hy usko us se barh kr Bura SATHI milta hy. LOL

eddie said...

hahaha dhamkiyan :P hahahaha ala :P ...

The only normal person here said...

mention names or it never happened : P

Anonymous said...

hey abeer i for one is a female reader :)
i hope this pathetic harassment ends soon and you keep blogging and posting all that is to..

Spherical square said...

You just have to ignore it all.
I have visited your blog a number of times before, and I hope you keep posting.

Calm Cool said...

@ Mindandbeyond & Sphericalsquare

for sure i'll keep posting, much thanks for the encouragement. :)
Keep Visiting me !

ahaha i would love to mention the names if they were mentioned to me, mostly were the nicks or anons & only were the real (seems like)ones but i think i already kicked them hard. buahahahaa :P

Daanish said...

funny as can be,though life goes on.

Keep writing.