Monday, October 6, 2008

I Miss The Feel I Felt...!

I miss the feel of freshness. The feel of divine serenity, calmness & purity.
I feel this beauty evry year ... bt i still miss it. as i've 2 w8 for a whole yr to get that sense again...
I felt it from the vry 1st day till the vry last moment... it stays with me the whole month...
it remains in me like a soothing hand, heeling evry wound, taking care of evry emotion & thought, pushing me up, making me determined & punctual, checking my evry act & peace out my self so nicely that i really don't want to let that spirit go...
It felt Socially
It felt Physically
It felt Mentally
It felt Spiritually
It felt Deeply.....

Well, the "Feel" i'm talking about is the feeling of Devotion. It connected me with my Creator.
it urges me to think, concentrate, observe, believe & to worship.

* I prayed
* I thanked
* I sorry
* I regretted
* I cried
* I requested
* I wished
* I asked
I did it all with a pure heart. with a sure belief that my callings were listened & will b consider...

I spend my days in such a sacred atmosphere that i miss its fragrance deep inside...
I loved that tough buzy schedule...
* Those early morning wakeups
* Being punctual for evry prayer
* Taking care of evry little uttered word & act
* Attending Tafseer -e- Quran classes for the vry first time
* Getting amazed by the Miracles of Quran & its teachings
* Remain enchanted in its charm the whole long days
* Try to being as honest as i can

Ohh... i really miss that freshness
Ohh... i really miss that purity & calmness
Ohh... i realy miss that serene atmosphere
Ohh... i really miss that sweet breeze
Ohh... i'm truly missing that flavor of my beloved Ramazan!


Mubi said...

your post has made me realize that even i m missing ramazan like anything. i loved my routine,, waking up at the serene time of sehri,,there was difference in the air...there was something about it that as it came to an end this year i prayed i be able to welcome the month with more fervor next time.

Mubi said...

after post i realize that even i miss ramazan ...the serene time of sehar,.,the routine.there was something special about the air of ramazan.

i read somewhere that prayer is not a gemme list to God..we ask for guidance and patience and i regretted being so ungrateful and impatient many ignorant times.

Calm Cool said...

@ mubi
the same realization made me write this post.
good to see u.

Daanish said...

I miss ramazan too!
Thanks for putting feelings into words.

Zulfiqar Gul said...

I don't think this war on terror being fought with heart out. It looks like some kind of a double game going on. The people, who were trained and armed to bleed India in Kashmir and install proxy government in Afghanistan during 1980s and 90s, have begun putting their swords on our naked heads. Our military establishment must have this in mind while conducting that adventurous foreign policy. Had we dumped that sheer madness years before 9/11, things would have been different today. But it’s been our tendency as nation that we get straight only when others twist our arms. We didn’t get anything out of this except setting our sweet home on fire. And, still, no lesson has been learnt with military establishment being halfcocked — playing both sides. You can’t make people fool all the time. I am afraid if someday we will be caught cheating and outsiders will find a solid reason to intrude into our territory to do the job that we could have easily wrapped up. Trust me, it won’t be pretty. Hey Ms. Calm Cool, keep blogging but look at things in a broader picture! There’s saying in Pustho" Makawa Pacha , Ouh Bha Shi Pata,, it gets perfectly fit on us.

Zulfiqar Gul,

Calm Cool said...

@ daani
thanks for stopping by.

@ zulfi
yup sadly we r playing a double game & nation suffering it outcomes too, bt who cares... our so called leaders r enjoying their power, & for it's sake they can well play a triple game too.
ur view point is equaly rite, i know it won't b pretty:( i can only wish dat our policy makers also realize this.
hmmm i don't know pashto, so plz mention the translation on ur nxt visit.

as far as Kashmir issue is concerned, its not at all a double game of us, it is bt of indians, who played it with us & occupied our land, people there were only fought for their freedom n still struggling for the same.

thanks 4 visiting!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this post.
I think it's a blessing in itself that you're realising that you feel slightly disconnected spiritually, there are so many amongst us that don't even notice the decrease in their spirituality.

Calm Cool said...


Anonymous said...

Well ! Ramazan is knocking again , we shd justify with it , as we want justice from ALLAH .

May be a paradigm shift is needed ...

Ur effort is highly acclaimable CALM