Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jhapatna Palatna, Palat kar Jhapatna...!

Jhapatna palatna, palat kar jhapatna
Laho garam rakhne ka bahana hai yeh

its a stanza, poet Iqbal. hmmm i don't remember its 2nd line properly, hope i typed it rite... anyways, this stanza is commonly used for PAF & its fighters and based upon the natural habit of eagles, falcons and hawks of how they hunt and fly.
we see fighter planes in movies showing this behaviour of hawks during war scenes and Iqbal's that stanza perfectly describe it. but have u ever seen eagles or hawks flying, fighting or hunting in that way.
i saw it all yesterday and it was so lovely.
Last eve, before Maghrib prayers, i was sitting at my home's roof top. the house located at right front of us have mobile tower (signals tower or boaster) at their roof top. and at the top most of that tower there is a nest of an eagle, which is made only a few days ago. as it was about to sun set, the both parent eagles were present there. i noticed them when they suddenly start making strange noises. actually unexpectedly a kite drop nearby their nest and hanged in one of the step of that iron made tower. for eagles it was obviously a strange object trying to destroy their nest so both the parents start making noise and calling their friends for help. meanwhile due to the blowing wind, kite begins to move here and their and was achieving a little bit flight also due to its string, so the situation becomes more complicated. all of a sudden other fellow eagles were also gathered there, were flying like fighter jets above the tower but none of them came near the kite or try to destroy it except the parent eagles. in comparison one of the parent eagle, i guess it was mother (mothers r more sensitive for kids :p) making more noise and trying to kill her enemy again and again and here the scene begins...

To Snap, Repel, Attack, to Overturn and Again make a Sudden Attack...

both eagles were also frightened due the movements of kite but also defending themselves and trying to hit it through their wings. it was a full action scene, very energetic, very graceful and very glorious.
they cry, fly, make an angle, stretch their wings and attack. and every time due to the wind kite changes it position... atlast after a struggle of approx ten minutes they finally made it and tore the kite into pieces and protect their home bravely.

while watching this scenario i became so excited and my lips uttered Iqbal's that stanza spontaneously and i experienced the actual meaning and soul of it beautifully.


Daanish said...

Nicely written,well hopely some day you may write something about Iqbal's other stanza....yee shaheen pachay...
when our countrymen come out from mess!

Calm Cool said...

& plz write complete stanza, i can't recognized it by only three words.

Zulfiqar Gul said...

guess u have sharp observation. observation is the best service of expending ur horizon. Urdu is awesome. u have made it look absolutely neat n simple. well done! u must have taken hrs to get that scène converted into string of words so efficiently? there's some classy flow in ur writing that makes it sound delicious. it is something u r born with. im not buttering, lols! one shudn feel shy appreciating God-gifted things - u r blessed with one!


Calm Cool said...

thanks alot n yep i took hours to give my observation suitable & perfect words :)

Zulfiqar Gul said...

cant wait to c another write-up of urs getting published on this blog. must be different than wat v have so far ? im sum1 who just cant hang onto to suspense ,lols! best of luck


Mubi said...

interesting calm! i have always loved the flight of birds! though i m more interested in small birds than wild ones..but its the powerful flight of these wild birds that are breath taking.

by the way, if you dont mind, i would like to give a little suggestion. avoid using U instead of a proper YOU or rite instead of right. though you havent really repeated that a lot of times :)

happy writing

Calm Cool said...

thanks for the suggestion, i'll try to do so.
suggestions and criticism r always welcome, they r the most justified comments for any post :)

Daanish said...

here it goes,may be this is....

yee shaheen bachay jenay tu nay bakshah hey zokay khodai

du neem may tokar say sahara O' darya,pahar semat kay raee

please check with someone who knows Iqbal's poetry,here in my timezone I have none :(

Seher dot com said...

Ok. First I dont wanna do any BEHURMTI to this Iqbal Dedicated post. but the opening lines made me click back to an indian movie, which has lyrics totally doing shotcircuit with the real lyrics of Iqbal.

'Larna Jhagarna, Jhagar k aqarna
Choro Choro In Baaton Se Kuch bhi nahi milta'
'Choti Choti Baaton pe chirna bigarna,
Samjho Samjho In Baaton Se Kuch Bhi Nahi Milta'...

Wow. Indians sure know the art of tearing the essence apart.
boy o boy.

Rabia said...

Jhapatna Palatna, Palat kar Jhapatna...!

..reminds me ov lost dreamz:(
...khaiiiirrrrr bat hai!!

..gud work gurl!!

Calm Cool said...

i know wht were dey :P
bcz u know we share the same lost dreams :)

thnks buddy

¤°þ®êtêñdê®°¤ said...

Can I suggest a little correction in
"Jhapatna palatna, palat kar jhapatna
Laho garam rakhne ka bahana hai yeh"

Correct is
"Jhapatna palatna, palat kar jhapatna
Laho garam rakhney ka hey ik banaha"

Thanks in advance for consideration.


Calm Cool said...

thanks alot for the correction Umar :)
any correction & critics r most welcome.

Muhammad Jamal said...

the real stanza is:



A little bit mistake in ur second line