Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scattered Thoughts

my mind is wandering here & there,
i want to focus, but at what, i'm unaware.

bewilderment causing me alot of trouble,
i'm flowing through time like a bubble.

i want to express the inner side of me,
the moments of sorrow & those of glee.

tales to tell, stories to share,
waiting for words, feelings to wear.

untuned melodies, echoing sounds
needs a theme for a spiritual bound.


Mubi said...

wow, i loved this piece. it has such a flow when you read it. good job!

the lines i liked best are
i'm flowing through time like a bubble

tales to tell, stories to share,
waiting for words, feelings to wear.


Calm Cool said...

ah thanko thanko thanko :)
now may i tell u one thing...
u can say its a inspiration from urs poem. juz aftr i read ur blog & commented there, i feel to write & here it is...

its juz like a piece of poetry created in the condition of "Aamad"...
hahaha jaise shair kehte hen na k aamad ho rahi hy, tu mujhe bhi achanak zindagi me pehli bar aamad hi hoe thi, abhi 2 hrs pehle aur maine yeh likh dali :p :D
i don't know how :s

well its my vry first poem :)

Daanish said...

From prose to poetry a journey is on,an artist is born,Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

oh.. this is truly a MAGNIFICENT piece of writing. u r just dam good at stitching together words. good on u! keep blogging as it brings the best out of u & also provides me a space to blast my frustration on whatever is happening around. so what next in the pipeline from ur side?

Oh , “Makawa Pacha , Ouh Bha Shi Pata” means “ don’t trap others, it wil get backfired big time!” hope I got it rit, lols!

I am grown up watching Vietnam war movies. who wud have ever thought someday the scenes of those masterpieces such as ” Full Metal Jacket” & “ Platoon “, wud be re-shot in Swat for real. Although, all action taking place in places those of “ Kosa Bandai “ “Down Town” & “Bara Bandai” “ Up Town” bt every morning v wakeup with Apache & Cobra gunship helicopters roaring towards that part of Swat which is located at 27- km distance from here. in the evening, while playing hockey on rooftop, I c them flying home having spent another tough day in the office pounding elusive militants’ hideouts , keep looking at them b4 get disappeared, telling myself that someday this war’s gonna end. that wud b so so great for the people of swat who don’t want anything less than being safe at home again. there’s this conspiracy theory doing rounds in the valley that this war being reshaped to get Pakistan pieced apart (Allah forbid). In 2000, Brooklyn Institute of USA, had predicted fragmentation of Pakistan by 2015. Maybe, that was script being filmed now, isn’t? InshAllah it won’t happen. wil hate applying to visa to visit Islamabad n other places. I know this country is not giving us what v hoping for bt still wil keep praying it stays united forever– Amin!


Mubi said...

for a first poem its very impressive!
and look forward to more 'ahamads in the future,,poetry is all abut that ;)

Calm Cool said...

@ anon
Amin n InshaAllah
whatevr u said is really a sorrowful & tragic situation. though i'm miles away bt we all r suffering, may it peaceout as soon as possible.

@ mubi,dani & anon again :)
thanks alot its really a big compliment & an encouragement for me.
as in reality i'm vry bad @ language :s weak in vocab + grammer (finaly accepting).
hmmm i can't tell whts nxt in the pipeline, lets see...

Zulfiqar Gul said...

Salam on there,
hey y u don’t u watch Oliver Stone’s “Platoon” n write its review wen next time u start brainstorming. get the feeling Oliver Stone (Screenwriter/Director)wud have got burnt inside had he not made that movie. since he himself served there in Vietnam, the film is loosely based on his experiences in combat. unbearable realistic anti-war movie! im not imposing my ideas on u n bt it was just a suggestion. thought writer like u wud add oomph to his magical work. sorry If i sounded naive!

Best of luck!.

Zulfiqar Gul

Anonymous said...

is this your picture?

Calm Cool said...

@ anon
obviously not!

Abdul Sami said...

yaay.. u r bak to bloggin !!!