Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Kick Start

8 Jan 2009 ... a bit late to wish my readers a very Happy New Year but as it is a kick start so never mind;
I Wish U All The Goodness and Happiness for the year ahead !

This year was a kick start in my personal life also as the dawn of it wasn't so good for me because i was very disappointed at that time but around the dusk of the first day my fate twisted upside down and my Lord gifted me what i truly deserve and struggle for.
Last year i'd completed my two year's Graduation and was applied in Karachi University for B.S Third year or u can call it Master's program on merit basis but my name was not appeared in initial listings and i was so disappointed because when 3 years back i applied for graduation i failed to achieved it but now, while holding distinction marks with a lot of efforts to reach their i didn't found my name in the list again, it felt like a bad hard joke.
So, when the new year's sun was rising my heart was badly sinking but than a Miracle happened, 2nd merit lists were announced and there i was!
And now i am a B.S student exploring a new era of my life with full enthusiasm having shiny twinkling stars in my eyes :)

The First Day at Uni was fabulous and a memorable one. We were welcomed by a red carpet, hmmm actually a flowered carpet reception. Boys standing alined across the gate showering rose petals on new comers as we were passing by. Than a biggest quest was started as i had to reach my department.
KU is the largest university in Pakistan, spread across 1200 acres of land that's why shuttle service is essential to move from one department to another. Luckily i found one but bad luckily it was turned in the middle of the road towards other departments. That means still half way to go so i started marching towards my department i.e; Commerce which is in the neighborhood of IBA. My yummy Kabab Paratha with Chai breakfast digested in minutes and i was feeling thorns in my throat due to thirst as i reached there. But who cares, it was just a beginning of my excitement + it was nice to walk in such a good weather.
Our seniors tried to tease us, formally called Ragging but failed as we teased them back and it was a great fun.
After Orientation class we started exploring our uni and visited many departments, all on feet, ummm not many but a few which are in the way to the famous canteen lane, where number of canteens or u can say stalls are situated one by one selling different kinds of food. So, after eating and enjoying it was time to go home by Point (Bus or Shuttle service for students to pick and drop at specific timings). It runs across the city with only Rs. 3 charges per head daily.

But my day was not ended here. When i reached home i did laundry with my mother in the flow of my excitement, which i was delaying since 4 days.
While i was telling her my chatter box stories of the day she asked:
"Chalo sath sath kapre bhi dho lo".
and i said: "acha chalen... han tu main keh rahi thi k........."

And when i realized what she did, it was a funny story for my family and a shy, smiley, stupid agreement of mine. So, in the end it was calculated that i did escaped ragging in the uni but my mother did the job proudly :D

The second day was also good with introduction classes and a lot of walking. And than 2 holidays were there.
This whole too much walking full of excitement and enthusiasm thing resulted in fever and severe muscular pain but i love it because it is what i strive for.
Tomorrow is the working day, still i can feel the pain but its all part of the game as There Is No Gain Without Pain!


Daanish said...

Congratulations !
I enjoyed your simplistic way of telling,it remined me of my days at the Uni before moving to a different zone.I miss those golden days,especially canteen,points and offcourse friends!
Thanks for sharing this,I am happy to be back on memory lane :)

Calm Cool said...

thanks :)
in which department u studied?