Sunday, January 16, 2011

But What Do We Call That?

Writer's Block is a state narrated as an inability to write, inability to give your thoughts suitable words and pen it down. It felts when you really want to write something but handicapped with a certain nameless notion that prevent you from doing so... that halts you with such a force that you have to obey it and suppress yourself.
It is a very common phase, most of the writers went through at certain times in their lives.


What do we call the feeling which is felt when you want to stay in a relationship, love & adore it but don't *feel* it? Or unable to do so?
Still have it and want it but don't want to say it. At All!
A certain silence prevails in between which hurts seductively. And still you want to remain quite, at least on your part, having some reservations [or may b much more than SOME which leads to this status] but don't want to mouth them as it appears like bragging... repeating the same thing and now the only thing required is it to be realized!
REALIZED... not the what-and-where-and-how-and-which-went-wrong but the cure of the wrong... the Healing part.
I read somewhere that relationships [the close one's only... belongings necessity] are like fragile delicate flowers, which demand and expect for a certain care to keep them blooming. They are not meant to be just have them, being grateful on having them and then overlook them.
This flower will never smile back at you when you keep it, satisfied on HAVING it, but give it light through shadows, give it air through winds or after a blockage, water it in portions and caressing it reluctantly yet think that you are doing very much and expect it to be in full bloom whenever you happened to cast a look on it, expect it to stay happy, satisfy & smile back every time it got the most wanted glance in a way the glance want, because the provided glance is considered *enough* for all the flower wants.
Then it is not so...
This flower can blossom in this manner up to a certain limit... to the extent where it can breath through the preserved air in itself, will drink the remaining water in it drop by drop to extend its livelihood and feel the memorized care it had. But when this all process to survive within, will reach its end, the flower eventually loose the will to survive and stop doing all the cures it had and was doing within. This involuntariness not just happened, it was all building up inside grain by grain, was growing deep down and now burst out.
Flower will only desire the external stimulus to live on. Without asking for it! In silent mode!

Here, this is the feeling which came somewhat similar to writer's block.
A handicapped, suppressing, wanting, nameless inability which halts you from every expression and desire the external stimulus, the healing and nourishment badly for moving on. Not by on your own means but by the Other's means.
Force you to remain quite as you are, because even if you speak-up you find yourself in a great impulsion of a thing you don't want to do but want it to be rectified as sooner as good. As the delay drifting you towards a close ended alley where you are obligedly thinking to cutting that flower off and learning to live without it. Forever.

All the known fears are arousing and making there way to reality mutely with speed.
Like the words dying inside an imaginative mind moment by moment due to the lack of author's will.

What do we call that thingi? That status of deprived expression in relationships? That block; where the person stuck gravely and can't help it?

Better to solve that myth before the flower dies!


Eddie said...

excellent writeup. Exactly something I would expect from you abeer :D ... I liked it.

Flower comparison was brilliant and made total sense. Simplistic use of words to get your point through is becoming uncommon now a days and you did it pretty efficiently.

The Only Normal Person Here. said...

Splendid post. One of your best.

Made me think and "think" really well.

Calm Cool said...

aah thanks to both of you.
but do tell me that do you have any idea what do we call that?
the answer of my query titled post?

and eddie exactly why you were expecting this from me? :D

Eddie said...

lol because you seem this kind of a person :P a taurian :P just like "the only normal person here" :P lol

Eddie said...

the feeling is one of the many complex feelings that we as humans feel and yet can't come up with what to call it really. Its all about being the humans we are :P lol...

Hiker said...

Solution lies in courage !
I think @ ur article , i would say ,if she wants relationship , she should go ahead and tell him and clear whts wrong once !
But dnt complain before !
Till the person is single , only till then one is available !!!!!!!!!!!!