Saturday, February 5, 2011


Kitni ajeeb baat hy...

Koe uns bhi baqi nahi

Zara qarar bhi hasil nahi

Rastey bhi huaye juda juda

Manzilen bhi alag hoen

Phir bhi najane kyon

Ek dojey se yeh dor kat-ti nahi

Nafrat hy

Phir bhi yeh wabastagi marti nahi !

P.S: i wrote it last year, may be a decade back or may be just some moments back... back in the dark midnight for the reason unknown... that scribbled torn piece of paper... such a mess & i found it today.


lizzie said...

Right now I am in the state of mind.

Wabastagi marti nahi.. Wah..

Eddie said...

achi koshish hai. Words have this problem they are seldom sufficient a vessel to carry our complete sentiments.

Anonymous said...

i like the p.s. portion better as it is even more expressive :)

Calm Cool said...

:D achawww!:P

Anonymous said...

Nyc wordings ...